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KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa has been the home of NUVO™ Holdings, formerly known as The Natal Rubber Group, since the mid 1970’s.  With an affinity toward innovation, the group has advanced and, since new ownership grasped hold of the reins in 2008, its progression has not only lead to investment in new technology and equipment but in the actual brand ideology and identity itself.  In early 2015 the company adopted the name NUVO™ as a representation of their progress and ability to break new ground in the rubber industry.

NUVO™ are relentless in their pursuit of technological advancement. Where others have played safe, NUVO™ have exceeded expectations through their customer-focussed ethos and capacity to produce both quantity and quality.

Nuvo™ Rubber Compounders

In early 2015, Natal Rubber Compounders (also known as NRC) became NUVO™ Rubber Compounders.

NUVO™ Rubber Compounders specialises in the manufacturing of natural and synthetic rubber compounds and boasts an extensive range of compounds for a wide variety of applications including the mining, industrial, automotive, transport and building industries.

NUVO™ Rubber Compounders commissioned a new Farrel F305 Banbury® mixer in 2009 which is fitted with NST™ rotors – the latest technology rotors offered by Farrel. Studies have shown that use of NST™ rotors, over the standard 2-wing rotors, leads to compound physical property improvement of up to 12 % and up to 17 % improvement in energy efficiency.

NUVO™ is also home to a Farrel K6 Intermix® fitted with NR5™ rotor technology. These rotors ensure the maximum possible dispersion of ingredients and fillers making it ideal for processing of technologically advanced compounds.

Innovative processes combined with advanced mixing and laboratory technology have positioned NUVO™ Rubber Compounders to exceed customer expectations and remain at the forefront of rubber compounding within South Africa and the world.

NUVO™ strives to break new ground in the development of rubber compounding and rubber manufacturing technology.


Established in 1992, NUVO™ Rubber Lining (formerly known as Hitec Rubber) remains at the forefront of rubber lining product production. From the production of natural and synthetic rubber linings to cured rubber sheeting, available in both chemical cure (i.e. cold cure) and steam cure, NUVO™ Rubber Lining offers a variety of products suited to their customer’s specific requirements.

Quality and efficiency remains paramount when it comes to the key deliverables of this business of distinction. Such ideals are achieved as a result of a team of dedicated and experienced staff who provide both technical expertise and the implementation of strict standards and methods of testing and control. With a customer-focussed mindset, NUVO™ Rubber Lining works closely with all customers on material selection in order to suit required specifications and process requirements. Flexible production and an innovative mindset when it comes to the continuous advancement of processes and methods of service delivery, ensure that NUVO™ Rubber Lining exceeds all expectations.

The core philosophy of NUVO™ is to exceed customer expectations through advanced technology as well as innovative, streamlined and sustainable business practices.


The benefits of working with
NUVO™ Rubber Companies

State of the art mixing technology

The latest mixing equipment give NUVO™ the capacity to efficiently produce up to 2000 tonnes of rubber compound per month, making NUVO™ the most advanced custom rubber compounder in Southern Africa.



Nuvo™ has 2 Farrel mixers;

  • F305 Banbury®, commissioned in 2009, fitted with NST™ Rotors which are the latest technology Banbury rotors offered by Farrel.
  • K6 Intermix® fitted with NR5™ Rotors ensuring the maximum possible dispersion of ingredients.
  • Both mixers are fitted with hydraulic rams which maximises batch-to-batch consistency
  • Nuvo™ has successfully manufactured compounds using a range of polymers including NR, SBR, EPDM, BR, NBR, IIR and CR.

For more information on Farrel’s mixing technologies click here

Industry Leading Laboratory

Strict standards of control, skilled technicians and advanced testing methods exceed conventional standards, ensuring uncompromising consistency and quality from one batch to the next.


  • NUVO™ has recently spent R2.5 Million on a lab upgrade
  • NUVO™ carries out a range of standard tests on compounds including:
    - Moving Die Rhemometer (MDR)
    - Hardness (Shore A and IRHD)
    - Specific Gravity (SG)
    - Tensile Strength and Elongation at Break
  • Additional test capabilities include:
    - Abrasion Loss
    - Rebound Resilience
    - Compression Set
    - Tear Strength
    - Heat Ageing Tests
    - Adhesion to Fabric or Metal.

Advanced research capabilities

By remaining on the cutting edge of modern technology NUVO™ are able to research the best processes and materials needed for improving and refining the characteristics of each compound. New formulations can be developed when a customer’s requirements cannot be met.


  • Nuvo™'s recent laboratory upgrade included the installation of a Rubber Process Analyser (Montech RPA 3000) which puts NUVO™ a step ahead of their competitors in terms of development and fine-tuning of mixing consistency.
  • The RPA is a dynamic testing instrument designed to measure the viscoelastic properties of elastomeric and rubber compounds before, during and after cure. The measured data give exact information about the processability, performance and cure characteristics of the compound.
  • For more information on Montech™’s RPA click here

Training and Development

NUVO™ Rubber companies are committed to opening doors of opportunity for each employee through focussed skill advancement and training programs. A strong spirit of pride is set in the hearts of each employee as training and development needs are met.

Eco-centric production

Production efficiency, re-usable materials, the use of advanced energy saving mixing equipment as well as our recycling techniques work together to minimise the environmental footprint of NUVO™. NUVO™ have invested in the F305 Banbury® Mixer which is fitted with NST rotors. Studies have shown that the use of NST rotors over the standard 2-wing rotors leads to 17% improvement in energy efficiency.

Level 3 BEE contributor

NUVO™ Rubber Componders is a level 3 BEE contributor and are able to exceed customer expectations through the experience and knowledge of the staff and management team.

It is through the dedication and loyalty of our experienced team that NUVO™ is able to break new ground in the developement of rubber technology.


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