Established in 1972, with production facilities in Germiston, South Africa, Bearcat Tire CC is an established manufacturer specialising in moulding high quality, smooth riding, solid industrial tyres that deliver exceptional performance.

Whilst the company is perhaps best known for its solid forklift tyres, it produces a range of solid industrial tyres for equipment and vehicles in the transport, manufacturing, warehousing and mining industries.

Top 10 Benefits
  • Safer than a pneumatic
  • Impossible to puncture
  • Excellent stability
  • Absorbs shock impacts
  • Improved , traction
  • Improved braking
  • Good resilience
  • Increased tyre life
  • Durable and strong
  • Fits standard pneumatic rims

Why Bearcat Tire?
The Bearcat Solid Forklift Tyre is designed and built as an industrial tyre of exceptional quality. It sets the base for a range of solid rubber tyres that meets your exacting requirement, be it for a light weight trolley, or heavy duty mining equipment. We Know How!

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